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Changing lanes in middle of intersection

No turn lights, 30% at least don have a fucking clue what road rules are. Changing lanes in middle of intersection, slow and fast lane, turning on full lane etc. And I drove all over the Europe. Yes the Paranoia did subside. As for the active high. I just literally decided.

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canadian goose jacket 4 points submitted 5 months agoBecause all types of diabetics (including the people with MODY, Type 3c, and other forms we can all list off) need support. There plenty of type 1 pages (Tudiabetes is a big one after being picked up by beyondtype1 and becoming more of a type 1 specific place despite a type 2 section, but less crappy than the type 1 reddit, but you may like it as I don like it for the reasons you prolly love it to death) and you can find cheap canada goose them super easy.I just prefer a more open place because I rarely fit in with typical type 1 was diagnosed as a young adult not a kid or teen, I never have had DKA, I rarely know the “I 400 mg/dL again whoops” struggle a lot of type 1 have as I don let that happen with the best of my ability, I hate the pump and I not a huge fan of the CGM so :/. I also have had a low a1c the whole time pretty much, so I really feel out of place when most people kinda act like that impossible and I must be doing something insane when I eat literally whatever I want, so I don fit in with the type 1 doing keto or low carb either and they question my existence/meter/whatever lol. canadian goose jacket

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