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However, it just as awful for someone to be subjected to false

All card renders that include art must have artist credit at the bottom of the card in the correct position. Any cards lacking artist credit will be removed. The only exception to this is if the poster messages the mods in advance (with a link to the original art) and the mods approve the lack of artist credit.

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cheap Canada Goose Not sure about the first two but Venmo does allow you to pay someone with a credit card (for a 3% fee). This fee is pretty much unavoidable regardless of the service. If you really set on using a credit card and not for the purposes of cash back, you could use the Uber Visa card through Barclays (a great cash back card) which gives 2% cash back on services like Venmo.What you want to do is get a second credit card and use both cheap Canada Goose.

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