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It seems that Jiraiya was a bit different from Naruto because

If it came down to it, Guy going eight gates would almost definitely be able to lay the smack down on Kurama, and other people like Hiruzen or Sage Mode Jiraiya would probably also be pretty strong players in such a fight even without Guy.Also, even if young Naruto could access the seal and try to remove it, Minato would swoop in and set him straight (if anything, Minato would be able to ask Naruto to convey a message to Hiruzen and through him Jiraiya telling them to get their shit together, and Naruto would take extreme pride in the knowledge that his dad was the Fourth Hokage)In the hypothetical situation with no Iruka, Naruto probably woulda gone berserk long before the Konoha Crush and Hiruzen dying, and he didn’t show much when the nine Tails reappeared due to Obito but he was supposed to be a God of Shinobi so he mighta been able to pull something out, if not the Reaper Death SealAnd I specifically said Sage Mode Jiraiya because iirc he did not go Sage Mode when suppressing Four Tails Naruto, when is very likely since it would have taken him too long while Naruto was rampaging and the Ma and Pa toads said they hadn’t seen Jiraiya go Sage Mode in a long time when he was vs Pain. His incomplete Sage Mode probably wouldn’t be enough to solo Kurama, but working in conjunction with Hiruzen and others might do the trickYeah that’s true, but he could probably pull it off if he was preparing for an actual prolonged fight instead of just trying to reseal the Nine Tails. It seems that Jiraiya was a bit different from Naruto because he had to connect his palms for a long time to summon Ma and Pa, instead of to gather nature energy since Ma and Pa would gather it for him once he arrived.

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