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Mononeuritis multiplex; eventual loss of sensory and motor

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joy replica bags review With regards Dr Gupta Twitter Feed is a meningioma, a benign brain tumour, once removed, patient is cured This is an inaccurate statement, my husband had a parasaggital Meningioma totally removed 12 years ago in 1998, then in 2006 he was found to have two more growing and had them removed, again in 2007 and now he currently has 3 growing! He is paralysed from the neck downwards and profoundly cognitively impaired. To be accurate Dr Gupta should not post a short statement it is necessary to qualify such a statement with : however sometimes not all benign meningiomas can be removed due to say growing on the brainstem, also some may change into more aggressive anaplastic or malignant meningiomas, some people have multiple meningiomas and genetic conditions can be involved. Basically everybody is different if you are lucky then yes you may only need one craniotomy to remove one tumour but surely he is aware of reccurance rates! Obviously being told you have a Meningioma you have Replica Designer Handbags a much better prognosis in terms of survival than say a Glioblastoma, but KnockOff Handbags I know plenty of individuals who have lost loved ones to Meningiomas or who loved ones suffer profound cognitive and physical disabilities! By putting out such a simplistic statement with the word cured in it is just insulting to intelligent people and and those who have suffered meningiomas and those who care for them joy replica bags review.

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