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The point here is that liberal multiculturalism is not

You go to nigeria, it’s all Nigerians. China, it’s all Chinese. Sweden it’s like 48% Arab/African, 20 years ago it was 95%+ Swedish, do you have any idea how big of a change is in that little time? Life is nothing like it once was, it has become a dystopian hell.

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canada goose uk outlet 1 point submitted 16 hours agoAlso, we gone a bit off track. The point here is that liberal multiculturalism is not, as it claims to be, a bunch of different cultures living in harmony. It is one culture. I don stand with the supporters cheap canada goose groups and I likely never will. No offense. I love the chants and flags and all the energy they provide on game day, it just not how I choose to support the team. canada goose uk outlet

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